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My name is David Bree and I am the founder of Breeswim.

Having been involved with Learn to Swim since 2004 there was an exciting opportunity to introduce a program on the Gold Coast that would deliver on two promises.. Experience and Knowledge.

Not only would this knowledge and experience serve the growing need for swimming lessons but it will contribute heavily to the overall high standard expected from parents of their children’s learn-to-swim experience.

Offering both group and private learn to swim lessons ranging from 4 months to toddlers and school-aged to adult lessons, there is always an opportunity for you to try and experience Breeswim for yourself.

Let us show you what’s possible.

Our Story - David Bree with his boys in the pool.

Start Your Journey

Choosing the right swim school is more than just comparing prices; it’s about finding a program that truly meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

With over ten years of guiding families in the learn-to-swim journey, Breeswim has refined the art of teaching swimming, not just with skill acquisition but also enjoyment and safety in the water.

This approach is distinguished by the focus on individual attention, ensuring that each student, from the youngest toddler to the adult beginner, finds comfort and joy in their swimming journey.

The Only Hurdle.

The key to any successful swim learning experience lies in the details: class size, grouping by age and ability, and the involvement of instructors and parents in the learning process.

With choosing a free introductory session it allows you to trial the program before committing long term. Trying out a few different programs allows you to compare the quality and overall experience each offers.

It’s crucial to look for programs that prioritise constructive learning rather than just filling time with the same activities. Consistency in instructors is also key, as it contributes to a stable, effective learning experience.

This approach helps ensure that you find a swim school that not only meets your expectations but also provides a focused and beneficial swimming education for you or your loved ones.

Why Breeswim?

Breeswim delivers on two fundamental promises: unparalleled experience and profound knowledge. This expertise not only caters to the growing demand for quality swimming lessons but also elevates the learn-to-swim experience to meet and exceed the high standards parents expect for their children. At Breeswim, we understand that swimming is a journey that varies for everyone.

What sets us apart from the other swim schools? Our Key Values are at the heart of why Breeswim stands out as the go-to swim school on the Gold Coast:

  • Positive Learning Experiences: Our aim is to foster a love for swimming that lasts a lifetime.
  • Maximum Practice Time: More time in the water means faster progress and more fun.
  • Engaging and Informative Lessons: Our classes are as enjoyable as they are educational.
  • Small Class Sizes: We keep our classes small to ensure personalised attention for every swimmer.
  • Matched Age Groups and Abilities: Swimmers learn best with peers at similar skill levels.
  • Parental Interaction: We encourage parents to be part of their child’s swimming success.



Adult Swim Lessons

Effortlessly Learn Swimming at Any Age | Breeswim Adult Swim Lessons

At Breeswim, adult swim lessons provide substantial health benefits and increase safety skills. Swimming, a low-impact exercise, enhances cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility without stressing the joints. It also serves as a calming activity that reduces stress and promotes mental well-being. Learning to swim improves water safety, empowering adults with essential survival skills. Additionally, our classes offer a social venue, allowing adults to connect with peers in a supportive environment. Each lesson at Breeswim is a step toward achieving these benefits, guided by our dedicated instructors.

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